Who We Are

AAMS was incorporated as a non-profit in April, 1982 under the Societies Act of Alberta. Today we are a federally registered charity with a mandate to inform you of the many alternatives available to you in the event of a serious professional, business, family or personal dispute.  We may even be able to assist you if you don’t have everything you need to address your dispute.

What We Do 




ADR stands for “Alternative Dispute Resolution”, which refers to a variety of ways to resolve disputes other than through litigation or formal grievances. Conflicts occurring between people or companies are more likely to successfully resolve their disputes through some form of ADR.

The AAMS website already deals a lot with arbitration and mediation two of the better known ADR methods. However there are other options available in the ADR spectrum. They include negotiation. conflict coaching, consensus decision making and restorative practices. 

All ADR processes give disputing parties control over the processes leads to to the resolution of their dispute. This increases the likelihood of success. When parties agree on a settlement it generally means the solution will be more durable and sustainable since there is a mutual buy-in hence the desire to make it work. 

Some of the ADR processes go beyond just helping resolve disputes. Teaching people ways to manage conflict can prevent many disputes. There are many management tools that can be learned in order to deal with difficult situations and prevent them from escalating. There are also many qualified and experienced conflict management and conflict communications instructors throughout Alberta who are ready and willing to offer such expertise.